The city of Sollentuna is growing fast and building more homes in the area is becoming increasingly necessary. As early as 1988, the possibility of building a new residential area around Väsjön was considered, and a project, with the goal to create Europe’s most attractive conurbation, was formed. The goal is to create a leading economic region with high living standards and resource efficiency. A modern area with a varied urban environment and nature close by, with active living in focus.

Väsjön is divided into several subareas that all are at different stages in the process. It is a large project with many operators involved, making it complex. Therefor a good solution for data coordination and the digital part of the project is of uttermost importance.

Our part

WSP Visual brings forward solutions for coordinating the great amount of information in the project, structuring and making it possible to analyze and develop Väsjön. Based on the information about the area, we have created virtual models of Väsjön to simplify communication, both internally between operators in the process, as well as externally towards the public. We have also brought forward routines and methods for delivering, as well as reviewing, digital documents. These solutions are for example 3D models.

The result

Through data coordination and our virtual model, we have helped to visualize and communicate the complex process of developing Väsjön. Most importantly, we have created a structure and common thread throughout the project, from scratch to presentation. Today the model is used in the process of forming Väsjön, but in the future, it may eventually also be used for feedback from the real-life Väsjön.