In Rosendal, Uppsala, 3000 apartments, a large campus area and schools are at construction. Rosendal will become an area with a mix of residences, services and commerce, with parks and nature nearby. Many operators are involved in the project which makes communication complicated. Visual communication becomes important in order to establish a well-working project with good communication.

Our part

WSP Visual manages model coordination in all meetings where a VR-model is required. WSP Visual produces VR-models, pictures from Lumion and panoramas for 360 visualization exported from the VR-model.

We coordinate entries for land allocation agreement for the phases 1, 2 and 3, which assists the contractors in the county. We also help communication with 360-visualization panoramas, which are found on the Uppsala website. WSP Visual may produce further pictures and videos for this project in the future.

The result

Communication is complicated when many operators are involved. By using 360 visualization, VR models and pictures, communication is simplified between the contractors as well as between Uppsala county and the public.