Västlänken (The West Link Project) is a new railway connection for commuter- and region trains, including three new stations in Gothenburg. It will enable more frequent train traffic, it will make traveling time shorter and make it possible for travelers to reach more destinations without changing mode of transportation.

Projects involving infrastructure in large cities are very complicated. It is extremely important to understand what impact the project will have on the city. By using 3D model coordination, problems can be visualized and solutions can be found.

Today all trains entering Gothenburg central station have to leave the station the same way. In addition, travelers have to get off the train at the central station to change to tram, bus or a different train. Västlänken will provide a “double” railway for commuter and regional trains through a tunnel that will run under the city of Gothenburg. It will be 8 km long, whereof 6 will run through a tunnel. Västlänken also includes three under-ground stations located at Gothenburg’s central station, Haga and Korsvägen. This will make it possible for more frequent train service, making travelling time shorter and making it possible for travelers to reach various destinations without changing mode of transportation.

Our part

WSP Visual was responsible for model coordination and visualization of the project, both for people working within the project and for the public to contribute to an easier understanding.

The result

WSP Visual have, by using 3D model coordination, contributed to a better understanding of a complex project and thereby more efficient project execution.