Stockholm Subway

The population of Stockholm is at constant growth. More and more people move into the city and at the same time, Stockholm has become a popular tourist-destination. A large amount of people travel around the city of Stockholm every day. In addition, surrounding municipalities are growing and becoming more connected and form part of the city. Good public transportation has become even more important and in Stockholm it is in need of expansion to make it possible to reach all parts of the city efficiently. Therefore, Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is planning a 19 kilometer long subway line with ten new stations and a new train depot.

In order to understand the complexity of the project as well as to communicate this to the public, SL engaged WSP Visual to create a model and to produce pictures and videos for easier communication and better understanding.

When the construction of the new subway-line is complete 2026, it will be possible to travel with the Subway to and from Nacka, Barkaby and Arenastaden. In Södermalm a new station, Sofia, is under construction. This station will be unique for the subway in Stockholm since it will only be possible to reach the platform using elevators. The station will not be provided with stairs or escalators.

Our part

WSP Visual created a model and produces pictures and videos for easier communication and better understanding. WSP Visual has been responsible for the “overall” data coordination and model coordination, as well as model coordination for the Odenplan-Arenastaden sub-project. I addition, WSP Visual made a high-end video- and photo production to communicate to the public and visualized how the end results would be.

The result

The pictures and videos produced by WSP Visual help understanding the complexity of the project as well as communicating the results to the public. Visualizing creates a better understanding of the project.