Since the mid 1900’s, Anebyhusgruppen has been working towards the vision that anyone should be able to have their own unique house built. The decision to build your own house is a big step to take, both emotionally and economically. Therefore, it is important that the customer understands and is aware of what he/she is actually buying.

Our part

WSP Visual got involved to produce high-end rendered pictures of around 50 houses that Anebyhusgruppen offer. The pictures were used in product-catalogues and on their website. In addition, virtual reality models where made by WSP Visual in order to create a better visualization of the interiors of the houses.

The result

With the rendered images and VR-models, the clients are able to get a good picture of the end-results. Using VR-glasses it is possible to move around in different houses to get a feeling of the atmosphere and see details and differences between the houses in layout and construction. The clients get a better understanding of what they actually are buying and get one step closer to finding their dream home.